Soup Surreal


Sam Foss, Tessa Bennet, Sophia Tomaini and I worked to redesign the website of
‘Surreal Soup’ a popular restaurant located in Stratford, ON. I worked on wireframes,
information architecture, and high fidelity mockups.

Tools Used


My Role

UX/UI Design

Identifying Problems

Surreal Soup is a student favourite restaurant to go to due to its close proximity to campus and wonderful flavours of soup. However, the restaurant takes a hit when it comes to it’s website. As a team we determined that Soup Surreal had an awesome in-store customer experience, though when it came to the website we left confused, and not at all reminded of the restaurant’s awesome atmosphere. Information is all over the place, and in-demand information such as the soups of the day were nowhere to be found.

Information Architecture and Wireframes

In creating the wireframes for the redesign, all group members made their own set of wireframes for their particular vision of the website we were to create. In my version of the wireframes, I made sure to simplify the information shown on the home page in order to avoid information overload upon first entering the website. Doing so, I rearranged website content into different pages.

High Fidelity Mockups

Using Figma, I created a high fidelity prototype based off the wireframes shown above.